Join the founder of Brave + Brilliant in this complimentary series for women who want to work on their heart space.
MAY 18th - MAY 22nd
SOUL GLOW: How to reclaim your heart + soul without asking permission
A fun self-love series that will help connect to the real you-  as you begin to re-awaken the woman within!
In this FREE series you'll learn:
➢ Why a healthy relationship with your body means taking care of your delicate nature.
➢ How to stop feeling restricted or frustrated even when growth seems painful.
➢ Why your self doubt is directly linked to your unique soul self and your vulnerability.
➢ How to increase the value of your voice, even if you've been hiding it because you're uncertain of your worth.
➢ What to do to release the unspoken anger that you are resisting and connect to your core.
✮ plus so much more!
Meet the Brainchild behind Brave + Brilliant and the Higher Living Activation Studio
Camille Davis is a Life Hacktivist®, author and a highly sought after blue-chip consultant often brought in to correct gaps in training as a subject matter expert. 

She now consults with high-vibe + driven professional women who want to elevate their life and business through her exclusive consulting boutique to help them reclaim their power + create the legacy lifestyle they deserve!

Her advice, insights and articles have been featured in Holistic Fashionista® Magazine, The Power of Letting Go- How to Heal Yourself and the World and The Amazing People Podcast. Her adoring fans + clients have called her “life-saving and “inspirational” and when she’s not co-curating epic comebacks with clients, you’ll find her indulging in swanky hotel suites and yearly sistergirl travel.
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